Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Happy Half Birthday, Wes!

Let me start this post by explaining that we never celebrated half-birthdays when I was a child.
I'd never even heard of them till I worked in Chicago. For some reason the idea stuck. Is it an American thing? Maybe. Anyway, it's something we have adopted into our family just for fun! 
How many years will it last, you ask? 
Good question. We'll see!
For now, the toddler years go by so fast and so many changes happen within just 6 months, so it's fun to have another reason to document and celebrate! 

We celebrated with some of Wes' favorite food: spaghetti!
Yes, it was as gross in person as in the pictures. 
We will counsel him never to eat spaghetti on a first date.

The "half a birthday cake" was such a surprise to Wes! I can tell he didn't expect anything special when we sat down to dinner, but the expressions on his face was priceless as we made him feel special just because he's Wes. What delight it is to see your children enjoying the things you give them!

Yummy cake!!! :D

I happened to find a few little toys that were "perfect" for him!
It was fun to watch him unwrap them. They are already well-loved!

Since he already knows all his letters and sounds perfectly, this little game is perfect for him! 
He's not so good at matching up the letters yet to make a word, but this is a good next step for him and it won't take him long to catch on!

We also got him some little cars. Always a hit in our little boy's world!

So, happy half birthday to you, Wes! I love how you have such a hearty laugh, love to play, and always make people smile wherever you go! I'm amazed at how you have already learned your letters, big and small, and their sounds, and your numbers 1-12, practice them over and over all day long! You love to learn. You love to ride your two-wheeler with training wheels. You love curious George, and spaghetti and getting into the peanut butter! You love to hit balls with your bat, do flips on the couch, and bring your favorite things with you in your back pack. Even though you're still sleeping with mommy & daddy EVERY night since we came back from our big trip, we love having you (and your monkey and your train and your letter cards because you don't want to part with them, even at night) close to us. We love you so much! We are so thankful that God brought YOU into our family.

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