Monday, November 17, 2014

Family Getaway in Kampong Som

Wes started it.
Completely without encouragement (I promise!) he would say, "Daddy, can we go on a bus to the beach? Pleeeeeaase, Daddy? Pleeeaaaase???"
Once he got it in his head that he wanted to take the bus to the beach, almost every bus he saw he would say, "Is that Wesley's bus? Can we go to the beach now? Pleeeease???"

It had been awhile since we'd gone to the beach, so we had to agree that his idea was a good one. :) 

We explained that we had to first find bus tickets and give the man the money. Wes & Daddy went to buy the tickets. He came back saying, "Four bus tickets. 1 for Daddy, 1 for Mommy, 1 for Wesley, 1 for Bria." holding up his fingers as he used them to count to 4. He would talk about what he was going to put in his suitcase and what he wanted to do on the beach. Needless to say, this boy was excited! We counted down the sleeps until it was time for us to wake up early in the morning to take the 7:30 AM bus! Wesley's bus! Finally! :D

Here is Wes & Bria, in our tuk tuk ready to go find our bus! 1 duffle bag, 1 back pack, 2 carseats, and breakfast. We were ready to go!

Bria waiting for the bus.

We had had a big rain fall the night before, so many of the streets were quite flooded. Joe snapped this picture just as a tuk tuk was splashing down the road behind us. Classic!! 

Mommy & Bria playing on the bus.
Poor Wesley got motion sickness and threw up most of the way. :(

Once we got there, he was fine, though! 
We checked into our bungalow. This was the 2nd time to stay here. I think it'll become a family favorite vacation destination!

After testing out the hammock and jumping on the beds, we ran down to the beach!
We hung out on the beach for lunch, for dinner, watched the sun set, came back and tucked the exhausted kids into bed, then Joe and I sat on our balcony eating the most amazing burgers we've EVER tasted. (one of the reasons we come back to this spot. their food is SO yummy!)
Why can't every Saturday be like this one??

Wes loves to "play balls" 

He gets french fries when we're on vacation.
Someone looks just a little too excited about that big plate!

chickens roaming freely in our beachside restaurant. Bria sure got excited! Kicking and squealing and making this throat sound that she makes for animals while she laughs. SO funny!

The next morning, the boys were already playing ball on the beach by 7 AM!
The girls joined closer to 8 AM.

We found a crab! We caught it in our sand pail, but then let it go.

Play, play, PLAY!

Daddy-Daughter stroll down the beach.
The first of many.

She looooves mango smoothies! Usually drinks most of mine.

Wes called this open-air bungalow his "tree house"
We loved an area to enjoy off of the sand, still on the beach, have some shade, and nice comfy rattan couches. Our tree house is a keeper!

Bria sportin' the goggles!

He gets really animated when he tells stories.
This was something about a rocket ship. haha

Today was 
Wesley's half birthday!!!
We're so proud of his creativity! He chatters and tells us funny things all the time!
Today, when we were out swimming in the ocean he told me he wanted to swim to Madagascar. Really? I didn't even know he knew that word! He wanted to see the lemurs. He told me about how one has a stripe on his tail, and one looks like a mouse. He was also talking about tomato frogs. Tomato frogs?? Apparently I need to pay more attention to his Diego movie or I would have caught all of these references. He picks up on so many things, remembers, quotes, and is learning constantly. I can't believe my three and a half year old is already spelling simple words (most 3 letter words he can spell!) and can count to 100. Yep. 
We sure do love you, Wes!!
We're glad we could celebrate your half birthday in such a special way! 

We made a racing track for his racing cars. Such a boy! :)

Oh, and this is a Tico (small Korean car) that is transformed into a tuk tuk. We had to take a photo. Perhaps our first family vehicle someday? Haha

Although the trip was a fast one (just one night!) we had SUCH a special time together and returned home feeling just a little sun-kissed, VERY refreshed, and full of fantastic memories.

Sure do love beaching it with my sweet family!

Wish we could bring you with us next time!!

Joe, Nica, Wes, & Bria