Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

 A glimpse of our Easter:

We had a wonderful egg hunt with friends, and had an Easter party complete with loads of Easter loot that my mom brought along when she visited! We were happy to share it with everyone!

I made the cupcakes! The first batch was a FAIL.I don't know what I did wrong!
I looked at Wes and said, "What are we going to do now???" 
Without missing a beat he said, "Donuts!"
haha, a great idea!!! We called Joe to pick some up on his way home.
Sadly, they didn't have any at the store that night and couldn't confirm if they'd have them in time when I needed them in the morning. So I stayed up late to make some more.

The kids were very happy with the results!

Playing the Bunny Game

Coloring eggs!

Our finished product

They then became delicious avocado deviled eggs. haha

Our Easter meal.
We had to eat quickly so we could go to our neighbors' double birthday party for their girls!

The kids eating outside on the mats

The birthday girls!


This little girl has the exact same birthday as Wes! 
It's so cute to watch them grow up together!


This morning we enjoyed a sunrise service on our roof!
We sang, read and discussed our Children's Bible, and had delicious fruit and juice.

Cambodia imports from all over the world. We are easily amused. 
This juice is from South Africa. (yay, Dad!!)

This apple juice is from Singapore. 
Where do they have apple groves in Singapore? Seriously?

My watermelon & papaya sticky baby

Wesley has taken to spending his quiet time in the play yard with his "roof" on it, where Bria cannot get his toys. This is where he goes lately to get "away" and have his space. Joe commented that he would definitely be a "tree house" kind of kid if we had a tree! I agree!

red ants carrying away a roach wing in my entry way.
Wes was amazed at how strong the ants are and how they all worked together. His observations, completely unprompted!
I agreed with him, but, although I also admire their attributes, they're still ants. Hello Raid,

 Okay, back to Easter:
We were excited to go to church! 
As soon as we got there, Wes fell asleep! This NEVER happens. Joe lucked out and got to listen to stay in for the entire service! This NEVER happens! haha

Bria, on the other hand, only had play on her mind and was fussing through all the music time for me to take her out. So, I missed most of the service. But we had quality time together, and I had time to take some pics of her cute dress.

I have yet to get pics off of Joe's ipod from our attempted photo shoot tonight. My camera has been having issues! None are "perfect" but you get to see the kids, anyway.
Bria was working very hard to open some foiled eggs. (Again, thanks for all the yummy Easter treats, Mom!!!)

We decided to wait to get our family Easter pics taken when Miriam & Lauren come to visit yet this month! Whoo Hoo! We can't WAIT! We'll take advantage of our own personal photographer. :) 

a Happy Resurrection Sunday to each of you! He is RISEN!!

love, Joe, Nica, Wes, & Bria