Monday, March 30, 2009

Jonathan's coming!!!

I'm leaving RIGHT NOW to go pick up my brother, Jonathan, from the airport!!!

No, you didn't get that.

I, me, by myself am leaving. Jonathan and I are going to have so many adventures! The first one being as I step out that door and go try to find him at the airport AND bring him back again!

This process will include the following means of transportation:
To get me to the airport:
- the subway
- the Maglev (hovering super-fast train)
To get me back FROM the airport with Jonathan and all the stuff I had him bring for me:
- the bus
- a taxi

I'll be practicing the Chinese phrases Joe wrote down for me the entire suway and Maglev ride! haha...wish me luck!!! :D

Jonathan...I'm SO EXCITED!!!! Whoo HOO!!!

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