Monday, February 16, 2009

Shanghai Christian Fellowship

I have been LOVING getting to know people from this amazing church family here in Shanghai!
I have taken some photos of the building, but the real church is the people. We have powerful times of worship, sharing, and prayer together in church AND in small groups. (We have a GREAT small group! I'm so glad to get plugged into one so quickly here!)
It is incredible to worship with people from ALL around the world! There is a dynamite group of Christian young people here. And I'm loving getting to know them!
This is the view of the church from across the street:

And right up close. I love the vines that grow all over the building. It's so beautiful and old! I can't wait to see what it looks like in the spring!

The front:
The back:
But, of course, this is the real church:

Okay, er, maybe not the actual restaurant...but the people that gather inSIDE of it!

Sunday we had a wedding reception at the Blue Frog for Andy and Katina, friends of ours who just got married in January in California. We're so glad they're staying here in China with us! They're a lot of fun. Congratulations, you guys! :)

Me and Katina trying to fit our MASSIVE burgers in our teeny mouths. haha
Great people, great times. I'm meeting so many new people...even joined the Easter choir! Loving church and new friends and family...but still miss you all back home. My dear North Park gang...wish you could join me here!
It's cool, though, that we're all connected in one matter where we are in the world.

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