Sunday, October 13, 2013

Flooding and Rainy Day Activities

Yes, it's the rainy season. 
I've always wondered what a "rainy season" was like. Even now, in our "rainy season," I've wondered if this is really "it." This time of year we have an almost daily rainfall for about an hour. It's beautiful, gentle, warm, and just makes me want to go out and dance! (Occasionally Wes and I do!) 
However, this week was a different story. I really felt like I was living in a "rainy season."

Tuesday afternoon, the heavens opened and the downpour started! It was incredible. A wall of water pouring down. I've seen it before and it usually stops after an hour. This time it didn't stop! It continued to pour all night and also included a fantastic thunder/lightening display. Joe was at the Bible College and was going to wait till it stopped raining to bike home. However, he decided to make a go for it once the lightning died down. Although it isn't far to bike, he was drenched when he came home! What a ride!! :)

Phnom Penh is basically built on a swamp. And when heavy rains come, the drainage systems just can't keep up with it! So it doesn't take long for the roads to flood. However, this week there was a lot more flooding than usual. Take a look at a few of these pics!

Briana sleeping to the rain and the sway of the tuk tuk on one of our outings. The driver usually pulls down the tarp-walls of the tuk tuk and we're nice and dry inside!

Here are a few pics of the Bible College. This is outside of the offices!

And this is in the center courtyard!

And this is in front of the cafeteria! It's going to take a few days for the waters to recede.

This is my friend Mindy and her daughter, Ada in the street in front of their house. Yep! This is the street!
I'm so thankful we live in a newer area that was built up higher. So many people have had their first floors of their houses flooded. I guess the Lord would give grace in that situation, but I'm so glad I don't need to deal with that!

Here's an article that shows you photos of flooding in a village nearby.

Because of so many streets that remain flooded, everyone is re-routed. The result?
Crazy traffic jams! This is the type of thing Joe rides his bike through several times a day as he travels to and from his part-time jobs that he has to keep a bit of cash flowing for us. He's such a hard worker and determined provider for our family. He handles these traffic jams with patience. Good for you, hun! (maybe roadrage isn't the same on a bicycle?) :)

 And while the rain comes down outside, this is what is happening inside our house:
Yes, Wesley is a tough kid. He really loves to goof around with the boys and can hold his own quite well!


While the boys are doing boy things, us girls hang out and do photo shoots!
Love having a daughter!!

She loves the sling!

Briana at 11 weeks...such a sweetheart!
my new office curtains in the background!

We got a really good deal on the cross-trainer, and Wes likes to use it, too!

This is how I often make dinner these days! She loves to be held and likes to look around. So, this sling (gift from my Huber-side aunts!) is the perfect solution! My little apprentice.

Potty-training update: 
We're making progress!!! He goes as soon as he sits down, but still needs to be reminded to sit. We set the timer for every 20 minutes, so he's programmed to go potty when he hears the "ding!" We have had days when he only wears one pair of underwear all day! yippee!! Diapers are still needed at night and when we go outside, though. However, we're getting there! yay!

While swimming on Sunday the heavens opened up!
Can't really tell from this photo, though, but Wes and I enjoyed playing in "Wesley's Pool" in the pouring rain!!

After church one Sunday/month we all enjoy a Pho dinner together. This is Wes enjoying his soup, noodles, and bread. yum!

Our housekeeper has been sick all week, which means I don't have a very quality work week. However, I have very quality time with my children, which I love!! One day we walked over to Navy Mart (our local convenience store) for a little snack. Wes chose a bottle of barley green tea and prawn chips. These are two of his favorite snacks. What can I say? He's growing up in Asia! :)

We caught a mouse!!

Getting my children ready for bed is one of my favorite parts of the day. Talking about the day with them, giving baths, bottles, praying, and seeing them settle into peaceful slumber. I just love being their mom!

 Ruoya gave us a hostess gift of really yummy Chinese cookie/cakes. We gobbled them up!!

I'll close with a few more pics of the flooded roads. 
At the time of this post it's been 5 days since the torrential downpour and many streets are still so flooded. The Bible College is also still all flooded. I wonder how long it will take to get back to normal?
The Bible College has offered to let us live on campus next fall, which we're praying about. I've been really leaning in that direction since I love the idea of having so much grass for Wes to play on, trees to climb, closer to the student community, more stable electricity, etc etc etc. However, now that I see how flooded it gets there (and the house we'd be living in even has 6 inches of water on the first floor!) it's making me stop and wonder if we should make that move. We don't have to decide yet, so we'll see how God leads!
You can pray with us about that.

Thanks for reading! Love you!!!

Joe, Nica, Wes, & Bri

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