Monday, December 6, 2010

Countdown to Christmas!

We are counting down the days till Christmas!!! Nica has been for awhile now (she's excited to spend another Christmas on the beach!) but now that it's December it seems so much closer!

We love seeing our city come alive with Christmas lights and festivity this time of year!
We enjoyed our date night out on the town!

Huai Hai Road is turning into more of a "Michigan Ave" or "Magnificant Mile" every year!

Better watch out...GAP is coming to town!

A pretty side street

A big Merry-Go-Round for the kids!!

Can't beat Godiva!!

We figure we need to enjoy Christmas in Shanghai as much as possible before we fly south! Only 10 more days!!! We can't WAIT!!!
Okay, and for those of you who were trying to see my belly in the above photos and couldn't get a good enough view, here is a new angle for you:

Merry almost-Christmas!!!!
Joe & Nica

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