Monday, December 13, 2010

Tis the Season!!

Merry Christmas!!!

We have had Christmas parties galore the past 4 days! We looove this season! :)
We had a Christmas party on Thursday with our lovely Alpha group!
Here is me with my Chinese sister, Ivy!!

Ivy, May, Sylvia, & Marcus about to DIG into the desserts!!

The girlz...(l-r) Sylvia (Indonesia), Ivy (China), me (Canada), Kimmie (US), May (Papua New Guinea) --such a multi-cultural group!!

Me and Joe before we tore into the gifts! :)

Haha, I had to snap a photo of Superpot (Thailand), Marcus (Sweden), and Justin (US) all eating my Christmas cookies!!

On Friday night, Joe & I went to his work Christmas party!
A bunch of his collegues made matching Battle Star Galactica suits. lol
We were entertained by various songs and dances...
...but mostly just enjoyed getting dressed up, going out, visiting with friends, and eating a fancy dinner!

On Saturday night we had a joint Alpha Christmas celebration!
It was potluck, so Joe snapped this photo of me carrying a dish all wrapped up to keep warm. haha

It was at the beautiful Pullman hotel!

I've been having fun blessing people with Christmas goodies!!

Sunday afternoon Joey & I went to the Messiah! One of my many favorite Christmas traditions

We leave in FOUR DAYS for Sanya, Hainan...the best Christmas destination!!! I CAN'T WAIT to enjoy white sands, thatched roof huts, and drinking out of coconuts for Christmas again this year! I've got "I'll be warm for Christmas..." (instead of I'll be home for Christmas) going through my head. haha
Merry Christmas, everyone!!
Nica (& Joe & baby!!)


  1. Awww, Nica your bump is deliciously cute! We miss you and try not to spite your warm breezes and palm trees. ;-) We have TONS of snow here, which I know I'd appreciate more if I knew it was just here for the Christmas celebrations. =) Missing you!

  2. looks life your having fun enjoying the Christmas seaon.
    love you guys miss you!
    have fun on your Christmas vacations

  3. I remember that Alpha Christmas party where I found out you were my secret santa and not Joe. ..... Next year, no more risque e-mails to my secret santa's fake inbox thinking it's Joey. ..........