Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Highlight: Wesley's 1st Birthday!!!

Our baby boy is ONE!!

Wes, you have brought delight to each and every day since you've joined our family!
Some of the things that we love about your are:
- your cheerful, contagious smile
- your little footsteps that pitter-patter around the house
- how you "help" me in the kitchen
- watching you run and play in the park
- your sparkling eyes that greet me in the morning
- how you carry your little monkey around the house

I really should keep a running list of everything that I love about you. 
You make my heart swell with love so many times every day!
We sure do love you, Wes!!


Your birthday party was SO much fun!!
May 9th we made macaroni and cheese and red jello with whipped cream. 
We had so much fun watching you enjoy your meal!!

Your daddy and I had fun making your monkey-birthday cake and planning your birthday party!
A monkey cake, since you love your stuffed monkey so much!!

We had to take pictures of the entire process because we weren't sure if we could really make a birthday cake for you from scratch. We were so happy with how it turned out! 
We wanted a special cake to celebrate your first birthday.
Daddy did all the difficult decorating, and mommy made the cake and icing. We had to wait until you were asleep in bed, since you always like to stick your fingers in the icing bowls!

Here are all the little presents we prepared for your friends!
Micah, Grant, Simeon, Annabelle, Stephan, Janie, Elias, Houston, Hudson, Violet, and Charlotte!

Here is the finished product!!

We had the PERFECT day for your birthday party in the park! 
We chose this place to have your birthday party, since we love to go there to play with you!
Every time we went to this part of the park, we looked forward to coming here for your birthday party. We were so happy to have such a beautiful day!

We also had so many friends come to celebrate you with us! We actually didn't expect so many people to come, but the truth is that so many people love you, baby Wes!
 Here is your little buddy (Simeon)
and your Uncle Geo!

We had funny playing with bubbles and beach balls with you and your little friends,
but as soon as you saw the food laying on your picnic blanket, you left all of your toys and friends and sat right in the middle of the food! 
You put your hands into the big bowl of strawberries and watermelon and got so excited! 
And started to eat as fast as you could!
We all laughed SO much!

I think you were more interested in the strawberries than the cupcake we gave you! 
You were the center of attention that day, and you had so much fun eating and playing!

Linda, our ayi, helped SO much to get ready for your party!
She loves you so much!

Look at all the people that came to your party!
One year ago all of these people couldn't wait to meet you when you were born!
And now they are playing with you at your first birthday party.
You are a very loved little boy!

Baby Wes, you are our precious gift. You are SO special to us!
Happy Birthday, baby, boy! 
We are so happy that we get to be your parents and see you grow up. 
God has a very special plan for your life, and we feel so privileged to be a part of that!

Love, your Daddy & Mommy

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  1. aw! such an awesome post!!!! thanks so much for posting pictures. looks like a wonderful party. can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks. i think Wes and Ethan are going to have so much fun together this year. So happy that God blessed you guys with Wes. I love how excited he got about the food. Ha! Those pictures make me laugh. And I just have to say again that that cake is AMAZING!!! Way to go guys!!!