Sunday, March 20, 2011

Celebrating my husband!!

I just want to do a special shout-out in honor of my amazing husband.

The past two weeks for me have been very busy with my work, and I have been so tired, which I have no problems blaming on the rapid growth of our soon-to-be-born son! Between my work responsibilities, Joey has been making sure that I have time to rest, which translates into him helping in sooo many ways: picking up dinner when I didn't have the time or energy to make it, washing the floor when my spot-washes no longer looked effective and bending over is getting more uncomfortable, doing grocery runs, plus balancing quality time with me and his own many work-responsibilities.

How he does it, I don't know! I only can say THANK YOU to him, and be so grateful for the privilege of getting to be in his life every day. To have a husband who literally cares more for his wife than he does himself is a very humbling feeling, making me want to serve him and care for him even more! I am truly blessed!

I had to snap a few shots of him in the kitchen...we had friends over for brunch and Joey made his should-be-famous smoothies. Just as good as Dairy Queen...he gets them so thick that a single drop doesn't fall out of the blender when it's upside down! He's got a gift. :)

I am so happy to be able to celebrate another year of Joey! Monday was his birthday!! Big 32!! But as I reassure him, still very much in the prime of life. :)

I wanted to create a special evening for him that included all of his favorite things, as well as a few things that he has wanted to do for awhile!

First, he loves quiet evenings at home, so I had Shania Twain's "Party for Two" playing when he got home from work to set the mood. :D hehe

The twinkle lights all over the house set to flash was supposed to set a "strobe" feel (didn't work exactly right, but was still fun) --he's so fun to party with!! :D

The second portion of our evening included dancing and laughing hysterically to our "karaoke" attempts. He's wanted me to do this since my first visit to Asia, but KTV is something I have so far successfully avoided. haha So, this was dedicated to him. Didn't realize I had married such a crooner / beach boy combo!! :D So fun

After singing ourselves hoarse and depleting the beachboy/beatles/crazy 80's selection, out came a nice, rich chocolaty dessert and a gift basked filled with his favorite things.

He then picked a movie to watch...such a guy movie, too...the kind that he could only get away with on his birthday: The Pacific. A mini-series set in WWII. nuff said. :) ...and I humored him by reading him his birthday card--in Chinese. :P

I'm just so happy to be live with my best friend, someone I can trust so completely and truly love spending time with. Babe, here's to many more birthdays with you!! Next year we'll get a sitter!! :D

we love you!!

your wife & son. <3

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  1. Nica!!! You look fabulous!!! It is so good to see you and Joe happily settled into life together. I think about you often :) Miss you! - Joy