Wednesday, January 5, 2011

last memories from 2010...

We found this tiny little stocking to honor our special little one this Christmas! Just looking at it hanging on our tree reminds me of the many changes coming to us in 2011. Although an exciting (and intimidating!!) thought, I can't wait to help him hang it on the tree himself next year...

We had so much fun opening gifts this year...yet how much more will it be next year??

Danny had my name, and Ben had Joe's...they planned ahead to send the gifts to us already when we were back for the weddings last fall! Since Joey wouldn't let me open them till Christmas, I was SO excited to "dig in" as soon as Christmas became official!!

and a bell for my bicycle!!! Thanks, Danny!!! xoxo

I can only imagine and anticipate our Christmas next year when we celebrate our son's first Christmas together with in little family!

New Year's Eve Joe and I kept telling ourselves we REALLY should go out, since next year we'll have a little baby to tuck in (yay!!) but it was so cold outside and our apartment so warm, we settled in with Papa John's and some good movies and prepared to celebrate on our own...until our friend Vivienne called us up and talked us into joining the party our church was hosting at a hotel...complete with a great worship band, lots of friends, food, and a fun countdown!

All in all, we were glad we went! Here I am with Ivy and Vivienne,

...and my dear husband. I am SO GRATEFUL that I get to enter into into another year with this great man who I have the privilege to call my husband.

Welcome, 2011!!!
Shangdi baoyou nimen! (God bless us every one!)

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