Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wesley at 5 Weeks

Wes continues to win our hearts with his beautiful eyes, smile, and temperment. At 5 weeks he is really strengthening the muscles in his legs by standing on our laps, squirming around in his crib to move from the position we left him when we tucked him in at night, and starting to focus more on objects and people!
Currently he doesn't think it necessary to go to bed before 11:30 PM at least. Right now it is almost 1 AM and he is kicking and making cute baby noises, wide awake, looking all around, oblivious to his tired mommy wishing she could at least see a yawn. :P He last woke up from his nap at 4:30 PM, so sleep should come soon!!!
Here are a few videos for your enjoyment!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Tomorrow (okay, today!) is Joey's last day of work until the beginning of August!!! YAY!!
Also, this weekend is Dee & Geo's wedding!!!!!! YAY!!! We've been counting down the days until both of these events for awhile now! Lots of excitement in this house as Nica decides what Wes will wear, worries about fitting into her bridesmaid dress, plans bridal showers, and prays the rainy-day streak we've been happening will be finished by Saturday so her hair doesn't friz and curl in all the wrong places. I'm sure you're all interested about that, so I'll keep you posted. :D

Nica (for Joe & Wes, too!)


  1. such a cutie!!!! thanks for posting again. i always get excited when i see another Wes post is up!!!:) love hearing how you all are doing. feels like SUCH a long time since we've talked. i think we are going to go with another internet carrier (i hope) our internet is driving me crazy. then when you guys go back this fall we can chat and let our babies see each other!:)
    k, love you and hope everything with the wedding this weekend goes really well. please to fill us in on all the lovely details after it's all over!:)

  2. aw always love an update :)thanks for posting what a sweetie <3 good luck with the whole one o'clock thing!