Friday, February 18, 2011

Wrote a letter to my love...

...or rather lots and lots of emails. Although most would say he'll be home soon, Sunday evening still seem so far away. It's bringing back memories of our long-distance dating days!!

It's been a good trip for him, though! When he gets back I'll let him add the names of the universities that I have photos of here, since he told me, but I forget. :)

a parkbench that would have been perfect for the two of us...

Now that the university tour is over, Joey has been able to spend some time with his family! The entire time he's been there I've been trying NOT to think of everything that I'm missing while he's there: mom's amazing meals, the lively conversation around the dinner table, baby Ethan, laughing at the Risk games, the sibling-rivalry football games in the mud, seeing grandparents again, falling asleep on Joey's shoulder while everyone gets into the football game on TV, etc etc etc etc...
It makes me look SO forward to being back there in the summer again!!
Some ask me why I would "let" Joe visit his family after he's been away for 10 days already. The truth is, even though it makes his trip longer, my only regret is that I'm not with him. We loooove our families! Stealing as much time as we can with them is a no-brainer!!
Bek & Joey both sent me some photos of what has been going on in the home front. Can't wait to be back there myself, in the middle of the action! Just think: we'll have our first reunion of the cousins this summer!!!! Yay!!! :D

Love you guys!!
Here is Jason showing off his set of wheels to Uncle Joey... lol, so cute!!

And Uncle Joey with Brooklyn, Jason, & Cossette!!

There's always action around the dinner table. Wish I were there, too!!!

Aw, so jealous that Joey got to see Ethan so long before me!!
Good to get some practice in there, hun!! Can't wait till you're holding our own little guy!! :D

The kids grow so quickly...I treasure these photos! Thanks for passing them on, Bek!

aww.... Way Way & Wia!!! <3

Jeremy, Bek, & Ethan!

Uncle Mikey and Cossette

Miriam! back from Israel!

Cossy enjoyig auntie snuggles

Still waiting to see the promised photos of Jon & Sheila who will have their baby boy probably the week (ish) before us! Hope you're doing well, Sheila!! :D
I'll post more belly-shots of me when my beloved comes home with the camera. Our little guy is getting BIG!!! I can't imagine getting any bigger than this...and April 30th is still so far away!! The bonus of getting bigger is I no longer have to keep pulling up my maternity jeans. And I always get a seat on the subway. And other people always insist on carrying anyting I'm carrying. Trying to stay positive. ;)
Hugs to you all!
Nica (& baby) --next post will be with Joey home again!! yaaaaaay!!!!!


  1. You're so brave, Nica! Your post made both Ben and me sad...wishing we could have you here with us while you're so far from your hubby. Missing you and wishing I could whisper to your belly telling that nephew of mine how much we love him!

  2. Aw, thanks, Debi! :) Aw, I would have loved to have been with you guys!! Instead, I had a Chinese friend of mine (Ivy) take it upon herself to make sure I wasn't lonely. So, she moved in and helped me with online purchases, making meals together, etc. One day RJ & Allegri came over to re-fill my water bottle and lift some heavy boxes for me. Still doesn't replace Joey, though. He got home last night!!!! Yay!!! <3 <3 <3
    Can't wait till you meet your new nephew!! :D (I can't wait to meet him,either! :D)